23 June 2016, Thailand

Mr. M.M.P.K Gunaratne, Director General, Road Development Authority Sri Lanka (RDA) visited the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on 22 June 2016 as part of his Bridge and Highway Technology Exposure visit. As Sri Lanka aims to improve and expand its road and highway infrastructure, the country is seeking support from Thailand and AIT to learn good practices and equip its engineers with the right skills and expertise for this effort.

A meeting between the Director General, Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director AIT Solutions, and AIT students working on creative structural engineering research took place. Graduate students Mr. Shehezard Riftie and Mr. Shilpa Thilakarathna discussed their thesis topics and their potential value for RDA Sri Lanka.

Mr. Gunaratne expressed his keen interest in continuing RDA’s engagement with AIT regarding capacity-building training including future programs for engineers for various aspects of road and bridge designs between AIT and RDA.

During his visit, AIT Solutions facilitated Mr. Gunaratne and arranged introductory meetings with Mr. Thanin Somboon, Director General, Department of Highways,Thailand and representatives from Eight- Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC) as well as site-visit to the Red Line Industrial Ring Road Project. This meeting is a continuation of one of the many efforts to solidify collaborative opportunities between AIT and RDA and builds on the several ongoing projects carried out by AIT in Sri Lanka.


Mr. M.M.P.K Gunaranthe with Dr. Naveed Anwar and EJEC delegates

Site visit to the Red Line Industrial Ring Road Project