Knowledge Transfer

AIT Solutions builds upon the research conducted in AIT specifically in the field of structural engineering and provides an interface with the industry to know the challenges in real projects and identifying the solutions that can be applied from the research conducted in AIT. Besides applying this research in real projects and providing the relevant solutions to the industry, AIT Solutions also focuses on transferring the knowledge generated during this process.

The team at AIT Solutions have been involved in over 150 tall building projects where they were part of the design and review process as well as in conducting research on various aspects of tall building designs. This knowledge created in the fields of Performance-based Seismic Design as well as development of structural engineering software is transferred to the practicing engineers through:

  • Seminars on the latest trends in the field of structural engineering.
  • Workshops focused on knowledge dissemination for equipping practicing engineers with the relevant skill sets.
  • Professional Master Degree Program – a collaboration with academia and the industry.
  • Customized short-term trainings for practicing engineers on topics such as Performance-based Seismic Design, and understanding tools and techniques in using CSi software.