Structural Health Monitoring

This advanced analysis technique, researched and developed by AITS in-house team, monitors the structural health of instrumented buildings/ structures. This analysis can be relayed to building managers, developers, engineers, and occupants to assess the safety and reliability of the structure as well as enabling damage detection, especially in a post-earthquake scenario.

This analysis by AITS team provides to our partners & clients the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the current structural health of the building?
  • In case of an earthquake, what is the level of damage that may occur?
  • Can the building continue to serve its intended function after an event?
  • Does the building require any immediate repair/ retrofitting?
Project Developers/ Owners
Building Managers
Structural Engineers
Residents/ Occupants
  • Information on the current structural health of the building.
  • In case of an event, information on post-event condition of the building and the expected level of damage.
  • Recommendations on the need for repair/ retrofitting.
  • Predict the level of damage in case of future event.
  • Detailed report on the current structural health of the building.
  • Detailed report on the post-event response of the building.
  • Relatively detailed assessment of the magnitude and location of the actual damage incurred in the building to help improve the design of the building and validate building safety.
  • An assessment of safety conditions.
  • Immediate occupancy status.