Software Development & IT

AITS in-house team has collaborated with several leading industry partners to research and develop software solutions in the field of structural engineering, mobile computing, knowledge products, construction monitoring & management, travel & leisure, and smart living. AITS develops customized desktop, web, mobile and cloud-based applications to fulfill the needs of partners and clients.

To provide customized solutions, AITS team collaborates with partners & clients to:

  • Conduct Research & Analysis: which involves preliminary study of the existing market and future trends.
  • Design: this involves designing and reviewing of software user interface and required features.
  • Gather Requirements: this focuses on reviewing the existing software and application of the partner/ client, based on which the required software specifications are defined.
  • Development, Testing, and Deployment: once the features are developed by AITS team, it is tested and delivered periodically such that the partner/ client can operate it as well as provide feedback for further updates and/ or customization.
  • Track & Monitor: Upon handing over the developed solution/s, AITS continues to support the partner/ client by periodically tracking and monitoring the deployed software.