Structural System Development and Code-based Design Review

AITS team conducts the structural system development and code-based design review to check the structural design in terms of strength and serviceability requirements as well as conformance to the building codes. Firstly, AITS develops the structural system and provides it to the main structural consultant for detailed design. After substantial completion of structural detailed design by main structural consultant, structural design review is carried out using the information from the structural drawings and documents provided by the main architect and structural consultant.

The scope that AITS carries out for its partner & client as part of structural system development and code-based design review, include:

  • Developing the structural system with preliminary member sizing in close collaboration with the project architects and structural engineers with an objective to achieve good performance and cost effectiveness.
  • Creating finite element models of the structure with varying complexity and refinement for developing understanding of the response.
  • Carrying out an independent analysis and design review of the structure, progressively using linear-static, response spectrum and other relevant techniques.
  • Reviewing the design and detailing of primary structural components in lateral load resisting system, specially shear walls, coupling beams, girders, columns, diaphragms and foundations etc.
  • Providing recommendations from design review process in terms of design adequacy and cost-effectiveness.