Trainings in Performance-based Seismic Design

For a practicing structural engineer, there is often a gap between what is taught and what is needed to practice is quite often filled by on-job learning and knowledge acquired from experienced engineer. To address this gap, AIT Solutions with its experience in conducting Performance-based Seismic Design of over 120 tall buildings, provides customized trainings for structural engineers in Performance-based Seismic Design of buildings. The experts at AIT Solutions, will guide the practicing engineers in understanding some of the important aspects of Performance-based Seismic Design such as; nonlinear modeling and analysis, the behavior and response of the structural system and components, ground shaking hazards and capacity-based design principles of components. Besides the above mentioned focus, the practicing engineers will be supported in interpreting the analysis results, which helps in developing a “feel” for structural behavior which in turn is crucial to make the design decisions.

The training modules provided here are for reference and may be customized based on the actual needs.

Main Topics Sub-topics
Basic philosophy and methodology • Overview of performance-based seismic design
Overall procedure • General guidelines and required information, modeling, analysis and evaluation
Basis of design • Preparation of design criteria including setting the performance levels
Nonlinear behavior and modeling of structural components • Failure modes of structural components
• Modeling for nonlinear analysis
• Hysteresis behavior, strength loss
• Nonlinear analysis procedures
Evaluation of analysis results of structural components • Shear walls
• Coupling beams
• Moment frame beams and columns
• PT slabs
• Diaphragms
• Basement walls
• Foundations
Hands-on session • Nonlinear modeling and analysis of tall building
- Using ETABS
- Using Perform 3D
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