Structural Failure Investigations

AITS team conducts site investigation as well as structural design review as part of the structural failure investigations.

As part of the site investigation, AITS team:

  • Carries out the visual inspection of the failure.
  • Collects the data and information required for conducting structural design review.
  • Provides recommendation on any necessary test that may be needed.

For the structural design review part, AITS team:

  • Reviews the original drawings and construction documents of the structure.
  • Reviews the original design for strength and serviceability.
  • Reviews the data and results from site investigations.
  • Creates computer models of the structure with varying complexity and refinement and varying parameters values suitable for developing the understanding of the failure.
  • Determines the possible causes of failure.
  • Evaluates the safety and serviceability of the remaining structure.
  • Provides overall technical advice and recommendations based on the review process.