Established as an outreach center by AIT in 2010, AIT Solutions continues to connect with industry and community partners to spread AIT’s expertise in engineering, technology, infrastructure, and knowledge transfer activities. The solutions and services provided by AIT Solutions are built upon the extensive research and development conducted by the experts in Asian Institute of Technology.

AITS core strength lies in structural engineering and software development domain. Based on these domains, AITS has worked across these two fields as well as allied fields and developed solutions for industry and government partners.

Specifically in the domain of structural engineering, AITS has been involved in over 150 tall building projects where it has provided solutions and services on: performance-based seismic design, wind engineering studies, structural system development and code-based design review, real-time structural health monitoring, computational modeling and analysis of complex structural systems, and structural failure investigations and retrofitting design. While in the domain of software development & IT, the team at AITS has collaborated with several leading industry partners to research and develop solutions in the field of structural engineering, mobile computing, knowledge products, construction monitoring & management, travel & leisure, and smart living.

Today, AITS is expanding its collaboration with existing partners and exploring new collaborators to co-develop solutions for the industry and for the community.

Performance-based Seismic Design
Structural System Development and Code-based Design Review
Wind Tunnel Testing
Structural Health Monitoring
Computational Modeling and Analysis of Complex Structural Systems
Structural Failure Investigations & Retrofitting Design
Software Development & IT
Building Information Model (BIM)