2-4 July 2018 Colombo

The tenth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITC-10) was held at Hilton Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka from 2-4 July 2018. The CITC-10 was hosted by the Department of Construction Management at East Carolina University in collaboration with other known universities. This three-day event aimed to facilitate communication between multi-disciplinary teams, especially related to engineering, management, architecture and technology.

Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Solutions, attended the conference and presented the study Construction Monitoring and Reporting using Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) jointly carried out with Mr. Muhammad Amir Izhar, Senior Software Developer, AIT Solutions, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), and Dr. Fawad Ahmed Najam, Assistant Professor, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). The study illustrates the framework for the development of an automated smart construction monitoring and reporting system based on real-time data obtained from drones and UAVs. The data in terms of drone images from multiple locations and point clouds (from 3D scanning of construction site) is used to construct 3D models using the photogrammetry techniques.

The effective use of drone data is demonstrated in terms of smart construction monitoring and comparisons between drone model and BIM model, using the case study example. The fully automated system can significantly reduce the effort required in traditional construction monitoring and reporting procedures, and not only provides convenient and smart ways of site supervision and management but also results in better operations, planning and effective on-site adjustments.

In addition, Dr. Naveed also had meeting related to SASEC Port Access Elevated Highway project in Sri Lanka.