31 May 2018, Thailand

Our region has seen rapid infrastructure development in last few decades, and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Such rapid and large-scale development leads to a greater need for the well qualified and well-trained engineers that can provide innovative and reliable solutions, and get them through the implementation at an acceptable cost and time.

Academic institutions and industry play a significant role in the development of such human resources and that is why the Asian Institute of Technology through AIT Solutions in collaboration with Computers and Structures Inc. (CSI), USA organized a visionary event titled Structural Engineering: Backbone of Built Environment, Future Proofing our Infrastructure to bring together industry leaders and experts to share their knowledge and expertise.

A rich mix of speakers including renowned architects and professional engineers engaged in mega projects, academia working on the development new methodologies and influencing building codes, software developers who create the tools that engineers use, and developers that ultimately engage and utilize these professional for execution of the projects were invited to present at this event held on 31 May 2018 at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.

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The event was followed by a Dinner Talk titled Empowering the Next Generation of Structural Engineers by the renowned structural engineering and pioneer of earthquake engineering software Mr. Ashraf Habibullah, President/ CEO Computers and Structures Inc. CSI, USA.

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From left: Dr. Karoon Chandrangsu, President, KCS & Associates; Prof. Sinéad C. Mac Namara, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, College of Engineering Honors Core Faculty, USA; Dr. Goman Ho, Arup Fellow, Global Leader of Tall Building,Skills Network, Adjunct Professor of HongKong Polytechnic University; Prof. C. V. R. Murty, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur; Mr. Ashraf Habibullah, President/CEO, Computers and Structures Inc. CSI, USA; Engr. Antonino ‘Jojo’ S. Aligaen, Head, Construction Management Department, Real Estate Division OCLP Holdings, Inc., Philippines; Prof. Pennung Warnitchai, Professor, Asian Institute of Technology; Engr. Jose A. Sy, President SY^2 + Associates Inc. Philippines


Technical Seminar and Workshop on PBD of Tall Buildings

The next day a Technical Seminar on Performance Based Structural Design of Tall Buildings, Designing for Safer Infrastructure was held at the Asian Institute of Technology followed by a hands-on workshop using CSI software on Saturday.

During the technical seminar, experts discussed the latest structural design philosophies and performance-based design procedure, and provided an account of recent developments and trends in the modeling, analysis and performance evaluation of high-rise buildings with emphasis on various issues, challenges and opportunities. Based on practical experience obtained from the detailed structural analysis and design of a large number of high-rise buildings, experts will also share some important insights into the nonlinear and dynamic behavior of buildings and will provide useful recommendations for an effective design and enhanced structural performance against wind and earthquake loads.

The workshop focused on hands-on training sessions for various software and computational tools required to carry out performance-based design. Apart from practical demonstration to conduct various analysis procedures with emphasis on the interpretation of analysis results.

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