“Today is another milestone in our long collaboration,” said TEAM Group chief executive officer Dr. Prasert Patramai, praising a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between his firm and the Asian Institute of Technology that would enable numerous student internships, promote collaboration and foster lucrative co-research over the next five years.

A Technical Exchange Program was organized by AIT and TEAM Group on 3 June 2015 to strengthen mutual understanding, involvement, and collaboration for joint research and/or certain joint projects. Aware of the importance of mutual collaboration and student internships, TEAM Group signed MoU with AIT to continue working together. The TEAM Group was generous enough to donate 3 Million Thai Baht (THB) to the AIT Library Modernization Campaign. This joint research initiative was an effort by TEAM Group and AIT to pave the way for significant coresearch collaboration with some of AIT’s leading faculty members in the fields of water resources engineering, transportation engineering, building and infrastructure engineering, construction engineering and infrastructure management, and geotechnical and tunnel engineering. It would provide a chance to know what is happening in other fields; what are the research projects being carried out there; how can we bridge the gap among various fields; and how could we integrate the strengths of various fields towards the most optimal solutions. The half-day seminar opened by AIT Vice President for Research Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut brought together 22 senior TEAM Group officials, AIT faculty members, and students. AIT Consulting Executive Director Dr. Naveed Anwar noted the significance of the seminar, which was designed to strengthen mutual understanding and involvement of each organization’s research focuses, capabilities, and projects. He said AIT Consulting provides the bridge between AIT’s technical capabilities and industry and society through a wide array of consulting services. Under the MoU, AIT undergraduate and postgraduate students would now have a chance to intern at the leading conglomerate of Thai-based consulting firms, during the summer months of June and July.




A series of insightful talks were presented by AIT and TEAM Group experts. Among AIT faculty members, Prof. Mukand Singh Babel, Dr. Noppadol Phien-Wej, Dr. Surachet Pravinvongvuth, Prof. Pennung Warnitchai, and Dr. Naveed Anwar shared their thoughts in their respective specialized areas. Mainly, the gist of the talks was to propose ways to bring together researchers, academicians, practitioners, industry experts, and other stakeholders from interdisciplinary professions because joint efforts would always produce the best and optimal solutions. The signing ceremony of the MoU as well as the Ceremony of Contribution on AIT Library Modernization was concluded by Dr. Prasert Patramai and President Worsak. Dr. Prasert Patramai and Mr. Peerawat Premchun donated 1 Million Thai Baht (THB) each to the AIT Library Modernization Campaign. In addition to the personal donations, 1 Million Thai Baht (THB) was donated on behalf of the TEAM Group. These generous gifts were received with sincere thanks by AIT President Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai on behalf of the Institute.