A team from AIT Consulting travelled to Manila, Philippines to meet with Kerry Properties on 15th February 2011 regarding consulting services provided through Philippines consortium professional Sy^2 + Associates for an upscale mixed-use commercial complex located in Mandaluyong City.


Kerry Properties Limited started business in 1978 and has grown to become one of the largest property investment and development companies in Hong Kong.  Today, it has a substantial portfolio of luxury residential developments, mixed-use commercial developments and a warehousing portfolio featuring a growing logistics business. Through dedicated management, Kerry Properties Limited has earned a sound reputation as a high quality developer.  Though located in Hong Kong, Kerry Properties has development projects in Australia and Philippines.


Initially, AIT Consulting provided services for value engineering and preliminary review of structural design of a 65-story building with 2 basements. Structural designs of different structural systems were studied in order to determine whether the building meets the functional requirements, code requirements as well as the cost effectiveness of the project budget. Important performance indicators and alternative design approaches were also considered and evaluated.


As a result of the preliminary work performed, Kerry Properties awarded the structural design of the entire project to Sy^2 + Associates, in collaboration with AIT Consulting.