On 26 September 2013, Mr. Naeem Ullah Ghauri, Managing Director, Netsol (UK) Ltd. and Director of Global Sales NetSol Technologies, Inc. visited the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) to discuss possible collaboration between the organizations. NetSol Technologies, Inc. is one of the global leaders in IT Services and Enterprise Solutions with a core focus on asset finance, wholesale finance, and leasing software.

Attending the meeting was Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Consulting (AITC); Dr. Matthew Dailey, Associate Professor, School of Engineering and Technology, AIT; Dr. Paul Janecek, Visiting Professor, School of Engineering and Technology, AIT and CEO of Think Blue Data; accompanied by management representatives from AITC.

The meeting commenced with an overview of ongoing AITC projects including: Facility Information Management System (FIMS), a web-based, enterprise solution that provides Geographic Information System (GIS)-based visualization, planning, analysis, and reporting for superior operational insight, cost control, and efficient management of space, people, and assets; Hybrid Professional Development Program, an AIT online learning system that aims to deliver courses online while giving the students the same learning experience as classes taught inside a classroom; and development of an E-Learning Application, a mobile application for interactive learning for undergraduate/graduate students of professional engineering.

NetSol Technologies, Inc. indicated potential interest in collaborating with AIT in terms of setting up a lab to develop creative mobility solutions for its clients, and exploring opportunities to hire undergraduate, post graduate, and Ph.D. students as interns in software engineering, solutions architects, project management, and business consultancy. AIT also showed interest to undertake projects outsourced from NetSol in the areas of software engineering, applications, and solutions.