The risk of an earthquake has always been a great concern in many countries. The probability of earthquakes occurring at any given time of the day on any day of the year is the same, unlike risks from other natural disasters which are location-specific, seasonal, or time-related.


On 5 May 2014 Thailand experienced a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that caused severe damages to several infrastructures in the northern part of Thailand including buildings, temples, roads, and more than 8,000 homes. The quake was so strong that it was felt as far as Yangon, Myanmar, some parts of Laos, and in Bangkok, where tall buildings and large malls shook for several seconds. (See related article here)


When an earthquake occurs, buildings have higher risk to collapse especially if the building is not disaster-resilient. However, there are tools and technologies available to ensure that buildings are disaster-resilient. One of these technologies is performance-based design (PBD), a systematic, explicit, and simulation-based approach for determining and designing acceptable levels of earthquake damage. This approach is especially suitable for evaluating and fixing millions of existing buildings that have not been designed to resist earthquakes, instead of having to tear them down and rebuild.


Engineering professionals interested to learn this technology are invited to attend a one-day technology event transfer “Theory and Practice of Performance-based Design: The Future of Earthquake Engineering,” to be held on 5 June 2014 at the Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit, Thailand.


This seminar, organized by the Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI), the pioneering leader in the development of software tools for structural and earthquake engineering, in collaboration with its regional partners, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), the Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS), and AIT Consulting (AITC), will cover topics related to: Nonlinear Theory, Nonlinear Modeling, Nonlinear Analysis Techniques, and discuss Nonlinear Applications in Structural Engineering. The seminar will be presented by Ashraf Habibullah, President and CEO of CSI.


CSI offers a discount of 50% on the purchase or upgrade of any of their software product (subject to a maximum discount of US$ 500), to all the participants of the seminar.  This offer is valid until 5 August 2014.  To register, visit:


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