December 2015, Thailand

DRVR (pronounced as driver), a smart driving service provider that brings the Internet of Things (IoT) to fleet management using big data analysis to improve the efficiency of the vehicle fleets in Asia visited AIT Solutions (formerly AIT Consulting), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in December to discuss the possibility of working together in mutually-aligned areas of interest.

The meeting, arranged by Dr. Rafiul Ahad, AIT senior alumnus and Vice President, Software Development, Oracle Corporation, was attended by DRVR’s CEO and Co-founder Mr. David Henderson, Chief Data Scientist Mr. Dana Blouin, and Software Developer Arkar Min Aung and from AIT Solutions, Mr. Aung Htut Aung, Deputy Director, Mr. Keerati Tunthasuwattana, Senior Manager, Mr. Justin Finch, Project Development Manager, and Ms. Rakdao Pakdisi, Business Development Manager.

During the meeting, DRVR and AITS shared and discussed their focus areas, salient projects, and relevant plans for the future. A follow up meeting will be arranged by AITS to further explore collaboration in the area of logistics and supply chain.

To learn more about DRVR, please visit their website: