Segmental box girder bridges are one of the major new developments in bridge engineering in the last few decades. In contrast to uniform bridge constructions a segmental bridge consists of small precast elements stressed together by external tendons. The many advantages of this type ofstructure like fast and versatile construction, no disruption at ground level, high controlled quality and costsavings have made them the preferred solution for many long elevated highways and bridges.

During the period of 18 June – 28 June 2012, AIT Consulting and the Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS) jointly organized a training of engineers from the Road Development Authority, Government of Sri Lanka, conducted at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. The training involves the following objectives

  1. To provide overview on analysis and design of continuous and simply supported in-situ case box girder bridges of various spans having horizontal and vertical curvature
  2. To provide guidelines and training on structural detailing and construction process of segmented box girder bridges
  3. To provide training on post tension pier shaft and pier head design

“Theory and Practice” methodology are used for the training. The first session focuses on providing the necessary theoretical background while the subsequent sessions demonstrate/provide practice on the use of appropriate design tools and software. The two site visits which will enhance the practical portion of the training will be conducted to important bridge and infrastructure locations in Bangkok.