The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum is a biennial conference organized by the Habitat for Humanity. It gathers under one roof all stakeholders engaged in seeking solutions to low-income housing issues that make business and economic sense.

 The fifth housing forum with the theme Building Impact through Ecosystems for Bottom of the Pyramid Affordable Housing and Sanitation was held in New Delhi, India at the Leela Residences Hotel on 3-4 September 2015. The conference covered a wide range of topics such as Building Shelter for All, Impact through Sanitation, Building Market Systems for Affordable Shelter & Sanitation, and Impact through Affordable Housing Finance.

The Housing Forum encouraged an exchange of ideas, experiences, and discussions in seeking market solutions and technology solutions towards achieving housing for all in India. The forum brought together government policy and decision makers; architects and construction industry professionals; donor agencies; non-governmental organizations; academics, think-tanks and research institutions; private and public sector enterprise representatives; and community leaders and advocates of affordable housing and sanitation under one roof.

Mr. Gyanendra R. Sthapit, Director, Habitech Center, AIT Consulting (AITC/H), was invited to make a presentation in this forum about the Innovative Affordable Housing Technology developed at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Mr. Sthapit presented the key features of the Habitech Technology and explained the innovative, green, sustainable, and disaster resilient attributes of this technology and highlighted many of its key benefits. The presentation enabled many people to understand how this technology may prove to be an ideal solution for mass affordable housing projects in India in order to meet the increasing needs, demand, and housing shortages in the country. The presentation was well received with many people asking further questions and were eager to learn more about the technology. Mr. Parthiv Bharali, Marketing Strategist and Partner Development Manager, AIT Consulting also represented AIT in the exhibition area where Habitech had a booth showcasing the technology.