21 May 2016, Philippines

The fifth Convention on Concrete Engineering, Practice, and Technology also known as a.concept’16 focused on the theme “Smart and Robust Concrete Structures” was hosted by the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) and held on 19-21 May 2016 at the Century Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

Keynote speakers included Prof. Sohichi Hirose, Department of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics, Department of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Prof. Hikaru Nakamura, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Nagoya University; Prof. Akira Wada, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology; and Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Solutions and Affiliated Faculty, School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

AIT Solutions and ASEP have long-standing relationship that has been solidified since July 2000. The organizations have collaborated in several focused training programs for structural engineers; the most recent was the Theory and Practice of Performance-based Design: The Future of Earthquake Engineering co-organized by Computer and Structures Inc. (CSI) USA. Dr. Naveed Anwar is a frequent participant and a prominent keynote speaker in ASEP conferences.

The first a.concept convention commenced on 22-23 May 2008 with the theme “What’s Cracking in our Concrete?” ASEP then committed to host a.concept regularly every two years. In 2010, a.concept focused on the theme “Aiming for Safe and E-nnovative Practices in Concrete Engineering” and in 2012 the theme focused on “Advance your Career, Enhance your Practice.” The first ASEP Continuing Education Summit (ACES) was also held during the second day of a.concept’12. The 4th ASEP convention a.concept’14 was held on 22-23 May 2014 with the theme “Extreme Loadings on Concrete Structures”.

Dr. Naveed Anwar (right), Executive Director, AIT Solutions presented two topics “From Performance to Resilience – A Recent Account of Seismic Design Philosophy” and “Smart Systems for Structural Response Control and Health Monitoring – A Review.”


Dr. Naveed’s presentations can be downloaded at AIT Solutions website.