May 24 2019, Bangkok

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is scaling up to the next level in knowledge sharing with the launch of AIT Share, an e-Learning platform aimed at educators, executives, students, or anyone interested in furthering their knowledge. The new platform, which comes with the slogan “Knowledge Worth Sharing,” allows participants to acquire new knowledge, improve their skills, take certificate courses, and obtain professional masters-level degrees.

Recounting the AIT Share journey was Dr. Naveed Anwar, AIT’s Vice President for Knowledge Management, who spearheaded the initiative. “We began by creating an offline learning platform for the Ministry of Construction in Myanmar, where we offered e-courses and merged these with classroom-based instruction,” Dr. Naveed revealed. “This hybrid model was then replicated for the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, and over time, we created the fully-fledged knowledge portal that is being launched today,” he added. During this time, AIT Solutions, which was previously headed by Dr. Naveed, also created a Knowledge Lab as well as the AIT Smart Learning Lab.

AIT Share was jointly inaugurated on May 24, 2019 by Dr. Subin Pinkayan, Chair of the AIT Board of Trustees, and Dr. Eden Y. Woon, President of AIT.

President Woon remarked that the launch of AIT Share is in tune with the 60th-anniversary slogan of “Transforming AIT.” AIT Share also epitomizes the six strategic areas that President Woon has outlined for AIT, namely I2E2S2 (Innovation, International, Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, Stakeholders, and Support). AIT Share is innovative as it blends various learning formats, with online learning being a key component of education. It is international as it is aimed at audiences scattered all over the world. It also reaches out to enterprises by targeting corporate users who are keen to advance their knowledge. AIT Share is also akin to an entrepreneurial start-up, with students and educators joining hands to launch the platform. It seeks to reach out to various stakeholders, particularly our alumni but also those who undertook short-term courses at AIT. Finally, the platform will garner support from users because they will find it attractive and relevant, President Woon added.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof. Deepak Sharma described AIT Share as a way to modernize AIT, and he outlined the steps to be taken to integrate the platform with mainstream academic offerings.

AIT Share includes faculty and guest lectures, workshops and seminars, academic courses and programs, certificate courses, and vlogs as well as publications. The platform has video lectures, presentations, quizzes, assignments, and projects as well as live chats and blogs, which make it highly interactive. AIT Share offerings will complement and supplement the regular face-to-face Masters and Doctoral degree programs offered by AIT.

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Source: AIT website