The Asian Institute of Technology’s Habitech Center, through AIT Consulting, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Prashak Techno Enterprises, India. This collaboration between AIT Consulting/Habitech and Prashak is in terms of joint participation in generating, creating, and developing intellectual property and protection of such intellectual property by filing and maintaining of patents and other forms of intellectual property protection apart from grant of licensing rights to Prashak for use of such developed and protected intellectual property in designated countries/ regions.

AIT has granted liscensing rights to Prashak for use and deployment of the intellectual property protected Habitech Technology in commercial projects, apart from  promoting the technology for  securing potential projects in India and other countries. Prashak has filed the core patent application on behalf of AIT and is also responsible for actively maintaining AIT’s Intellectual Property Rights on the  novel cost-effective sustainable housing technology in all countries where the patent applications will be filed for protection of the intellectual property.  Prashak’s CEO, Dr. Praful Naik is also one of the co-inventors of the novel housing technology solution.

This unique partnership of technology generation, protection and deployment between Prashak and AITConsulting/ Habitech was  initiated by Dr. Siddarth Jabade who previously worked for AIT, had prior knowledge of the Habitech Solution, and is also one of the co-inventors of the innovative housing technology solution. Dr. Jabade caught the interest of Dr. Praful Naik, a known inventor cum entrepreneur who saw great opportunity for the innovative Housing solution, particularly in developing countries like India and Africa and agreed to associate with AIT in the intellectual property generation, protection and deployment.

Under the leadership of Engr. Gyanendra Sthapit, the team at AIT and AIT’s Habitech Center worked diligently to research and develop the core Habitech Building System which has been successfully translated  into a novel and innovative Building  technology solution that is  green and sustainable, disaster-resilient, and durable. Key to the technology solution’s  value proposition  includes a focus on using simple, replicable techniques and local resources while remaining cost-effective.

AIT and Prashak are currently collaborating on a prospective project in Nigeria which will utilize the innovative Habitech building technology solutions in a wide-scale community-level application.

Habitech Center was established in 1988 initially as a research and development center for building components and building technology at the School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology. Over the years, Habitech’s evolution is best seen in various housing projects through cooperation and partnership with individuals and institutions outside AIT, such as international and national institutions, NGOs, housing cooperatives, private sector housing developers, and low income communities. Habitech Center has been instrumental in enabling sustainable and affordable housing and social infrastructure buildings for communities in Thailand and the Asian region which in turn has enabled AIT accomplish its mission of contributing significantly in the development of the region.