Following the workshop on Technology Solutions for Low-cost Housing in November 2014 where NHA participated, AIT Consulting (AITC) Executive Director Dr. Naveed Anwar with Rakdao Pakdisi, Business Development Manager and Parthiv Bharali, Marketing Strategist and Partner Development Manager visited the NHA head office to meet with H.E. Krisda Raksakul, NHA Governor, to present an overview of AIT’s experience and expertise particularly in providing solutions for low-cost housing and capacity building programs.

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and National Housing Authority (NHA) are discussing the possibility of collaborating in capability and capacity enhancement program that will be provided by AIT for the key personnel and professional staff of NHA.

The Governor informed AITC that in order to respond to the needs of low income people in urban area, NHA currently focuses on developing 4-5 story low-cost buildings with low maintaining costs utilizing  designs to maximize space. Accordingly, NHA would like to have a training course on a comprehensive capability and capacity enhancement program outlining integrated housing solutions to the key personnel and professional of NHA.