Asian Institute of Technology has initiated a project to develop a Master Plan for the renewal and expansion of campus buildings and infrastructure at the AIT Pathumthani campus, Thailand in order to foster growth and program changes, as well as increased quality, suitability and functionality of the facilities for both students and staff.  The plan will include re-evaluation of the land-use zoning, a plan for expansion of academic programs, improved facilities and integration of technology to provide effective and efficient management and services to the students.


The Master Plan will incorporate and integrate issues that have become more relevant in recent times.  This includes environmental awareness of green and sustainable development, energy resource efficiency, safety and security, gender balance and awareness, climate change adaption, natural disaster preparedness, newly advanced technology, increased service expectations, new social norms and living standards, and students with special needs.


AIT Consulting will collaborate with a surveying consultant and an architectural development consultant to develop the plan which will be conducted over three phases:


1.       Facilities Review and Needs Assessment

2.       Development of New Master Plan

3.       Integration of New and Existing Master Plan


The result of these three phases will include a site layout, circulation plan, new sub-entrances, refurbishment plans, preparation of architectural design block study, development of a phasing plan, landscape conceptual design, perspective sketches and cost estimations for renovations and new buildings.