The Asia-Pacific region has overtaken the rest of the world to become the single largest user of natural resources. In 2005, resources used including biomass, fossil fuels, metals, industrial, and construction minerals, amounted to around 32 billion tons, or 8.6 tons per capita. The region’s share of world domestic material consumption grew from just under 25% in 1975 to over 53% by 2005, accounting for nearly 85% of global total growth over that three-decade period. Many countries reached the limits of domestically available resources, leading to net imports (UNEP & CSIRO, Resource efficiency: Economic and Outlook for Asia and the Pacific, 2011).

There are, however, potential solutions to reduce materials and energy consumption in buildings and industries with the recent technological advancements focusing on green technology.

The GrEEn Technology Workshop 2014 with the theme “GrEEn Technologies: Making Profits, Committing to Sustainability” will provide opportunities to present selected solutions that are under development specifically to deal with the pressing issues. The workshop will also discuss how companies and organizations alike can move towards sustainability as a core philosophy.

Scheduled on 28-29 August 2014 at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Conference Center Auditorium, the GrEEn Technology Workshop 2014 aims to provide a platform for both public and private sectors in the field of buildings and manufacturing industry to discuss, interact, network, and discover innovations in policy, technology, and best practices to assist in achieving holistic success in sustainability efforts.

Target Participants

  • Government Officials and Policymakers
  • Industry Leaders and Managers
  • Property Management Managers
  • Innovation and Design Managers
  • Construction and Project Managers
  • Urban and Regional Planners
  • Industry Representatives from Manufacturing and Services Sector

The two-day workshop will feature presentations, case studies, panel discussions, and two parallel field visits to Thai industrial estates and well-known green buildings in Bangkok.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • The GrEEn Evolution (Manufacturing and Services Sectors)
  • Fundamental Concepts for Going GrEEn (Sustainable Production, GrEEn Building Ratings, and GrEEn Industry Ratings)
  • Recent advances in GrEEn Buildings (Building Information Modelling)
  • Recent advances in GrEEn Technologies in Industries (Zero Liquid Discharge from Industrial Complexes)
  • Policies and Strategies to Promote GrEEning (Panel Discussion with Thai Industry Leaders)

E-learning Package

Participants may also enroll in the e-learning component of the workshop.


The e-learning component will be available one week prior to the event (from 21 August to “prepare” participants for the workshop and provide resources). Post workshop, the e-learning platform will be made available for 2 weeks till 12 September to provide counseling to the participants through a mentor- supported Q&A.

Registration Fee:

100 USD Regular (includes lunch, refreshment breaks, and transportation for field visits)

120 USD Workshop with e-learning package


For more information on the e-learning package, contact:

Divya Narain Manager, Ekolearning


Phone: +912224147481