TrussTraChang V2.0 is a comprehensive Structural Engineering software developed to:

  • Generate roof model
  • Generate, edit, analyze and design roof trusses and rafters
  • Analyze and design beams/grids
  • Generate and edit drawing details
  • Generate analysis and design reports

  • AutoCAD like functionality in drawing and editing
  • The program will auto generate the trusses and rafters
3D View

  • Shows the 3D view of the roof model
  • Helps engineers to check collisions and check positions of trusses and rafters
Truss and Beam Editor

  • Analyze using FEM method
  • Design using AISI 2010 code
  • Show all necessary information about the trusses and rafters
  • Analysis forces
  • Number of screw required
  • Steel consumption
  • Design result (PASSED / FAILED)
  • Cause of failure
  • Parts of the truss/rafter that failed
  • Allows user to edit/modify truss
Drawings Generator and Editor

  • Printable drawings can be generated automatically and can be edited
  • All necessary tables (e.g. Steel consumption, cutting list) can also be added

  • Printable reports can be generated automatically showing detailed analysis and design results