IT and Software team works together with ACECOMS to extend services in customized software solutions specific to the technical and engineering applications and deliver expert training programs as well as support for selected international software.

We develop PC, web, mobile and cloud based solutions which support the following domains: engineering; education; conservation; social engagement; tourism; innovation

The Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS) was established in 1995 as one of the first centers of excellence at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).


Scope of Services

Research and Analysis
Preliminary study of existing market and future trends
Software user interface and required features are designed and reviewed with the client
Requirement Gathering
Stakeholder meetings are conducted to review existing software and application and define the required software specification
Development, Testing and Deployment
The developed features are tested and delivered periodically for the client to operate and give feedback or request for changes
Tracking and Monitoring
Periodically track and monitor that the deployed software is working as agreed