Structural Engineers play a key role in the design and development of safe and
resilient infrastructure for future proofing our built environment.


AIT Solutions provides a broad range of services in structural engineering focusing on resilient structures through extensive expertise and capabilities:

  • Peer Review

  • Structural System Development Smart Structures

  • Wind Tunnel Studies

  • Performance-based Design (PBD)

  • Value Engineering

  • Failure Investigations

  • Specialized Modeling and Analyses

  • Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings

  • Structural Health Assessment and Post- Earthquake Response

Signature Services

Performance Based Design

PBD is the design approach based on explicit evaluation results of performance of structural systems against earthquakes, strong winds, and other natural hazards.

AITS has carried out PBD for more than 100 tall buildings in the region, many of which were reviewed by third party experts based in the United States. Sixty percent of tall buildings designed using PBD are in the range of height between 130 to 230 m.

Wind Tunnel study

Wind Tunnel Study helps in enhancing the reliability and cost effectiveness of the structural design especially unique or unusual architectural shapes which are not specified on standard code.

AITS has been involved with projects of varying complexities to conduct wind engineering studies, which includes wind effects on structures.