VOTF is a collaborative program initiated by Xyntéo, to bolster village kiosks or community centers to empower individuals and communities to improve villagers’ livelihood and life quality and create better, more inclusive growth, while at the same time strengthening partners’ last-mile engagement to rural communities.

At its core will be a cross-sector digital platform in support of content and applications relevant to stakeholders – residents, organizations and businesses – in the rural market.

Village of the Future as a project was created to help make better growth a possibility, with the intent of testing and developing a full market solution enabling a rise in rural living standards. Initially the rural engagement platform we be tested and developed for the Myanmar region, and scale to the next rural markets of interests based on project interests.

Key Features:

  • Online news and activities management
  • Online Calendar
  • Online commerce portal
  • Online survey
  • Use friendly interface and dashboard
  • User activity monitoring and analysis