World Environment Day 2018 | Beat Plastic Pollution
If you can’t reuse it, refuse it

June 5, 2018

The School of Environment and Resource Development (SERD), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and the Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System (WEMS) Secretariat at the AIT Solutions jointly organized an event to commemorate the World Environment Day on Tuesday, June 5 at the Milton E. Bender Auditorium, AIT.

Mr. Surendra Shrestha, Vice President for Development, during his address, highlighted the significance of the day and urged AIT community to take action in line with the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”.
A panel consisting of Dr. Krishna R Salin, Associate Professor of Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management, Dr. Jonathan Shaw, Executive Director of AIT Extension and Deputy Director of Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP), and Mr. Guilberto Borongan, Coordinator and Senior Programme Specialist of RRC.AP expounded on the topic “Humanity’s love of plastics: Is sustainable obtainable?”, which is related to this year’s World Environment Day theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”. A special film titled “ALBATROSS” by Chris Jordan was screened during the event to underscore the humanity’s infatuation for plastics and subsequent impact on one of the remotest part of the world.

Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Energy, Environment & Climate Change, in his closing remarks stressed on the need to “act now” in order to beat plastic pollution and to move towards a sustainable future.

Over hundred people from the AIT community, including 50 students from the AIT International School attended the event. The participants unanimously requested the AIT Administration to act on the following three points:

  1. Ban single use plastic bags in AIT
  2. Discontinue use of disposable water bottles
  3. Regularly publish results of campus water quality including micro-plastics contents.

During the event, the AIT Campus Sustainability Club launched personally-customized reusable bottles, which will be available soon. A number of participants signed up for the offer.

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