27 January 2017, Thailand

Do you know what a moment-curvature curve is? Dr. Naveed Anwar, Structural Engineering Expert asked this question to his post-graduate students in the Advanced Concrete Structures class. Out of forty students, one student raised his hand. He posed the same question to a group of practicing structural engineers, participating in one of the seminars where he was a speaker. He was surprised to find out that very few of them had good knowledge about it.

What is a moment-curvature curve? Dr. Naveed explained this topic in his LinkedIn post titled Well-kept Secret in Structural Design”

Another interesting post to read related to this topic is the “Is the understanding of Member’s Cross-sectional Behavior, key to understand the Overall Structural Response?”

Engineers who are interested in this subject can also check the book “Structural Cross Sections: Analysis and Design” by Dr. Naveed and Engr. Fawad Najam which focuses on some of the key issues related to the understanding of cross-section behavior, with an emphasis on computer applications.

For those who want to get a copy of Structural Cross Sections: Analysis and Design, you may purchase the book from the following links:
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