01 January 2017, Thailand

Innovation is an essential component of sustaining economic growth. This renewed understanding by government and private sectors is leading to policy formulation directed towards creating a more inclusive and collaborative innovative growth model.

This collaboration in innovation is leading various private and public sector organizations to pool in ideas and resources and construct a more holistic solution that is not only financially sustainable but also aims at meeting societal demands.

The fifth issue of Technology magazine with the theme [Collaborative Innovation] aims at providing the readers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of collaborative innovations, highlighting innovations in buildings, bridges, as well as provides information on the empowerment that a community can attain through technological innovations.

An official publication of AIT, the latest issue provides a deeper understanding on why it is important to nurture the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of our researchers and students, through competitions, collaborative events, and forming partnerships to push forward this agenda.

Featuring articles such as: Smart Systems for Smart Structures, Innovative Engineering Technologies: A Glance at the Most Famous Bridges in Japan, From Prescription to Resilience: Innovations in Seismic Design Philosophy, Replicating Wildlife Monitoring System (WEMS) Model in Asia, How Innovation Can Help Save the Oil Industry, and Trends in Innovation.

Technology magazine is inviting all professionals, engineers, architects, developers, academics, and post-graduate students in the field of tall buildings to write for the next issue of Technology magazine with the theme [Tall Buildings]. Please send your article with photos to solutions@ait.asia before 1 March 2017.



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