AIT Associate Professor and Field of Study Coordinator for Structural Engineering Dr. Pennueng went with AIT Consulting CEO Dr. Naveed Anwar and Business Development Officer Rakdao Pakdisi to the offices of TEAM Consulting in Bangkok, Thailand on 16th December 2010.

TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd. has taken part in many large-scale public and private engineering projects in Thailand since1978. TEAM has also expanded its expertise to cover the areas of water resources and hydropower, transportation and logistics, building and urban development, environmental science, energy, and project management and construction supervision. Committed to providing high quality and innovative engineering services, it is currently a core member of TEAM GROUP, the largest Thai-based consultancy provider in Thailand.

This meeting was held to discuss possible areas of future collaboration between the consulting consortium professionals. Whereas AIT Consulting and TEAM Consultants already collaborated earlier in 2010 on a proposal for a project in Bhutan, this meeting was held to explore additional project initiatives for which each side can serve as a co-consultant or external consultant.