Sy^2 + Associates, Inc. (Sy^2) held its groundbreaking ceremony on 22 May 2014 for their new building located at San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines.

The five-story glass façade building, designed by R.R. Locsin, is scheduled to open for use in July 2015. The US$3-million building will be the new office of Sy^2’s current 200 employees, projected to grow up to 300 in 2015.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by renowned engineers and architects in the Philippines including Arch. Raul Locsin, President/Owner, RRLocsin; Engr. Mar Alix, President/Owner, M.A. Alix & Partners; Engr. Noel Franco, President/Owner, NBF Consulting, Inc.; Engr. Danilo Tamayo, President/Owner, DDT Konstract, Inc.; Engr. Tony Que, President/Owner, Voltage Electrical Contractor Corporation; Mr. Etorre Rossi, President/Owner, Advance Foundation Construction Systems Corp.; Mr. Ronald Adan, President/President, Shasta Concrete System; Mr. Windy Imperial, President/Owner, Concrete Masters Inc.; Arch. Carol Mae Santos, Partner, Soh Architects-Interior Design; Mr. Tino Go, President/Owner, GCK; Mr. Joey Zialcita, President/Owner, Concrete Solutions; Mr. Vhen Resureccion, President/Owner, Maxitech; Mr. Ivan Ong, President/Owner, Steel Centre Phils. Inc.; Mr. Gigi Bellosillo, President/Owner, Integrated Contractor & Plumbing Works, Inc.; Mr. Larry Punsalan, President/Owner, L.R. Punsalan & Associates; Mr. Ed Esmerio, President/Owner, Loxon Wandset, Incorporated; Arch. Manny Manuel, Associate, Casas+Architects.

Also in attendance was Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Consulting, who leads a consulting team that has been collaborating with Sy^2 on several structural engineering projects for many years. Since 2010, AIT Consulting (AITC) forged an official partnership with Sy^2 which includes reviewing structural systems of existing buildings and designing new structures in terms of suitable structural systems. AITC also provides its services to Sy^2 in other fields such as seismic mapping, a procedure wherein seismic hazard maps are developed for use during infrastructure development to enable proper construction of buildings to ensure public safety.

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