Lagos, Nigeria


In May 2013, Advanced Engineering Consultants, Nigeria engaged the services of AIT Consulting for the third time to handle the review of the structural system and design of an extension to the Lagos Badagry Interchange Bridge located on the Lagos-Badagry express way. Construction works for the entire expressway are currently on-going; however the bridge design which was approved several years ago is now undergoing deliberations due to some planned extensions.

AIT Consulting’s task will be to review the structural system and design of the bridge extension in terms of suitability of the selected structural system; cost effectiveness; efficient use of materials and other resources; conformance to the acceptable codes, standards, and established engineering practices – with special emphasis on the effects due to earthquake, winds, and other applicable demands.

The scope of work includes a review of the design criteria, the framing, and structural systems; independent structural models and analysis of all five segments of the bridge structure; checking of design and capacities of critical members; and a review of the expansion joints, bearing, and connections.

AIT Consulting had previously conducted the structural analysis and design of the Lagos Badagry Crossing Bridge (2009) and provided the review and detailed design of two flyover bridges with a span length of 30m and 50m (2011).