The Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka (SSE-SL) celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a commemorative International Conference on Structural Engineering carrying the theme “Towards Excellence in Structural Engineering” from 24-26 August 2015 at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The conference brought together engineers, academics, scientists, government officials, and other professionals across Asia and Europe involved in the construction industry. Engineering students from various universities in Sri Lanka also participated in the event.

The presentation was divided into four sessions. Session 1 carried the theme Basis of Design with topics including: “Notes on the Relevance of Specific Context to the Relationship between Structural Determinism and Aesthetic Intention” by Archt. Kevin Low; “Robustness, Progressive Collapse and the Design of Multi-storey Steel and Composite Buildings” by Prof. David Nethercot; Progression of Structural Design Approaches: Working Stress Design to Consequence-based Engineeringby Dr. Naveed Anwar; and “Risk-based Design – An Approach for Rationalization of Seismic Design Codes” by Prof. Yogendra Singh.

Panel discussion with the experts during  first session

Panel discussion with the experts during first session

Session 2 focused on Structural Analysis with topics including: “Relationships between Solutions of the Classical and Shear Deformation” by Prof. C.M. Wang; “Longitudinal Analysis of Long Viaducts – A Case Study by Dr. R. Piyasena”; “Wind Engineering Tall Buildings” by Dr. K. Suresh Kumar; and “Implications of Predicting Serviceability Performance of Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Shrinkage and Expansion Conditions” by Dr. H.P. Sooriyaarachchi.

Session 3’s theme was about Structural Performance with topics including: “Shaking Table Testing of Reduced Scale Stone Masonry Building” by Prof. Muhammad Massod Rafi; “Structual Dynamics Research in the New Millennium” by Prof. David P Thambiratman; “Transforming Construction – Challenging the Status Quo” by Prof. Campbell R. Middleton; and “Structural Vulnerability of Buildings Subject to Tsunami Loading” Prof. Priyan Dias.

Session 4 addressed the Innovations and Alternatives featuring topics including: “Innovative Structures, Unique Challenges” by Engr. Neville Mathias; “The Critical Importance of Structural Engineering in the Development of Low-carbon Electricity Generation Systems” by Prof. John Miles; “Extraordinary Possibilities for Concrete” by Prof. Tim Ibell; and “Economical Use of Concrete in Tropical Climates” by Prof. M.T.R. Jayasinghe.

About SSE-SL

The Society of Structural Engineers – Sri Lanka (SSE – SL) was formed as a study group for the advancement of the discipline of structural engineering in 1989. Today, the Society of Structural Engineers has become an educational and training hub to disseminate new knowledge and share experiences with and among civil and structural engineers, other related professionals of the construction industry, engineering students and public at large on variety of structural engineering topics.


SSE-SL and AIT have a long-term relationship that dates back in 1996. SSE-SL is an Associate Center of ACECOMS, AIT, a key partner that support in jointly organizing various activities including localization of software, trainings, research, technology transfer and sharing, and information dissemination in Sri Lanka. Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director of AIT Consulting and ACECOMS has also been invited to their annual and special events.