Seismic Performance Evaluations (SPE) are reviews conducted by engineering experts on any structure to ensure its ability to sustain safety and serviceability after a particular earthquake exposure.

SPE is one of the key services offered by AIT Consulting, Asian Institute of Technology, under its engineering expertise.

In October 2012, Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu, Nepal invited AIT Consulting to conduct the seismic evaluation of Lal Durbar Convention Centre (LDCC) based on the IS 1893-2002 code – Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design Structures in coordination with engineers from Optimal Consultancy Services Private Company Limited, India and representatives from Hotel Yak and Yeti. On-site measurements and investigation of LDCC were carried out by Engr. Thaung Htut Aung, Structural Engineering Unit Coordinator, AIT Consulting and 2 engineers from Optimal Consultancy Services Private Company prior to the SPE. The project was completed in January 2013.

LDCC is part of the 5-star luxury Yak and Yeti hotel’s expansive property located in the heart of Kathmandu. Hotel Yak and Yeti was established in 1977 with a 120-room facility. The hotel further developed with the construction of LDCC in 1999, a four-story structure with a basement, featuring seven halls to accommodate events ranging from board meetings to full-scale banquets. The LDCC structural floor system is mainly comprised of flat slabs with edge beams while the structural system for resisting seismic loads is a dual system combination of column-beam frames and shear walls.