Subsequent to the flooding of the main Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) campus on 21 October 2011, AIT has been making a concerted effort to recover, rehabilitate, rebuild and upgrade the campus.

One of the various steps taken by AIT to restore the main campus was the establishment of the AIT Main Campus Restoration, Rebuilding and Upgrading Committee.

The committee was tasked to oversee the various activities being undertaken as part of the restoration efforts.

To have a more effective system in tackling the various issues involved in this development process, the need for a Project Office to be headed by a Project Consultant was felt.

In relation to this Dr. Sun Sayampipuk, S. N. Engineering Consultants Co. Limited has been assigned with this responsibility. S. N. Engineering was assigned with a mandate to manage, coordinate and monitor all activities and entities involved in the restoration and up-gradation work for the AIT campus.

AIT Consulting is assisting S. N. Engineering Consultants Co. Limited in the mentioned scope of work for the Project Consultant. 

Currently, the work for up-gradation of AIT Extension building to a Learning Center, restoration of AIT International School, Library, and Medical building is being handled by the Project Office.

The Project Office is guided and its work reviewed by the AIT Main Campus restoration, Rebuilding and Upgrading Committee. 

Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director at AIT Consulting is one of the committee members.