Structural development of tall buildings has been a continuously evolving process, with several factors significantly contributing to the continued development of high-rise buildings in the last few decades. Factors include primarily, the development of high strength materials, new design concepts and methods, introduction of new structural systems, improved construction method and the affordability of modern efficient computing tools. For this reason, it is of great importance for the current structural and civil engineers to remain continuously updated about the recent developments in structural design of tall buildings.

In realization of this need, the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES), an association in Myanmar with membership open to all engineers, usually organizes various events, meetings, seminars, workshops and various other activities on current and important engineering topics and issues. MES has been initially established with the objectives of enabling active participation of engineers and architects in the development and dissemination of knowledge in nation-building tasks, maintaining and uplifting the standard and prestige of engineering and architectural profession and enabling engineers and architects to be fully aware of their duties and responsibilities and the professional ethics.

Recently on 12 September 2012, MES in coordination with AIT Consulting organized a Seminar on Recent developments in structural design of tall buildings, which was held at the Myanmar Engineering society building. The seminar focused on the topics of Schematic design, Structural systems, recent codes, standards and guidelines, Seismic and wind loadings, Analysis procedures, Performance-based design, Modeling, analysis and design issues in tall buildings. The seminar was attended by MES members and structural and civil engineers in Myanmar. Key speakers included Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director and Mr. Thaung Htut Aung, Project Coordinator from AIT Consulting.