27 August 2016, Thailand

Collaboration and Innovation are two hot topics in both academia and industry these days.

The Government of Thailand announced its vision towards a value-based economy driven by creativity and innovation. The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) shared the same vision as it positions itself as the regional leader in research for mankind. It recently hosted a Collaboration for Innovation event where it provided a platform for expert discussions and exchange of ideas and explored collaboration among various stakeholders to accelerate innovation.

AIT Solutions supports innovation and entrepreneurship among AIT stakeholders. A brainstorming session organized by recent AIT Alumni from Pakistan, supported by AIT Solutions, was held on 27 August 2016 at Serena Hotel, Islamabad, to discuss how to develop successful collaborations with AIT.

An event like this was deemed timely as AIT is now focusing its efforts on two aspects: collaboration and innovation. Invited guest, Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Solutions mentioned several ongoing activities and initiatives in AIT Solutions and emphasized the need to strengthen the relationship between AIT Alumni, AIT, and AIT Solutions. He highlighted the following areas for possible collaboration with AIT: Networking; Knowledge Sharing; Joint Research; Joint Projects; and Innovations and Entrepreneurship/Starts ups.

The meeting aimed to bring prominent faculty, prominent, and emerging researchers from AIT on a single platform to showcase their work and explore possible channels of collaboration in the future. The meeting also provided a networking opportunity among the AIT alumni in Pakistan and highlighted the potential fields for collaboration.

Guest speakers Mr. Azheruddin Khan, an AIT alumnus, Managing Director and CEO, NEC Consultant Pakistan facilitated the panel discussion by mentioning the successful case studies of ACECOMS and AIT Solutions as startups and stressed the vitality of entrepreneurship.

Other possible areas of collaboration that were brought forward were to undertake joint research and projects with AIT Advisors and to start Dual Degree Program with NUST, Islamabad. High quality research can also be published through AIT platform with the support of advisors.

 A series of meeting with other alumni in Pakistan and other countries will be arranged through AIT Solutions to further discuss various R&D and collaboration initiatives among AIT alumni.