AIT Consulting has been awarded a project to conduct structural design peer review of two towers being built by Eastern Star Real Estate Public Company Limited. The project consists of two towers, 42-stories and 52-stories tall, that are connected by a skybridge at 42nd floor level. The entire building covers a total floor area of approximately 80,000 m2 and has a height of 177.2 m. The project will be conducted in collaboration with Architectural Engineering 49 Limited. 

Eastern Star Real Estate Public Company Limited has been participating in the development of an entirely new concept in modern living for over 15 years. The company, its subsidiaries and associated company operates the business property development. The types of business for the company are classified as follows: Project Development for sale, Project Development for rent and Golf course with club house. The project development for sale includes the project of land plot and land house i.e. single house, condominium and commercial building. The project development for rent focuses on apartments and single houses for rent specifically targeted for high income customers while the golf course with club house targets the beach pool, sport center and conference centers. 

The main objective of the work to be carried out under this proposal is to review the structural system and details of the towers and the skybridge in terms of suitability, safety, performance, conformance to the relevant codes and standards, cost effectiveness and adherence to the established engineering practices. The design review of the skybridge will be performed, considering the gravity load itself as well as the associated response of the towers, such as differential settlement, thermal expansion, and lateral deformations due to earthquake and winds. Structural analysis will be carried out using the design information for both towers and the skybridge. The effects of the skybridge on the tower and effect of the towers on the skybridge will also be determined.