The Third International Conference on Construction in Developing Countries (ICCDC-III) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in July 2012. This conference is a continuation of two previous successful conferences that were held in Karachi, Pakistan on 4th- 5th August 2008 and Cairo, Egypt on 3rd- 5th August 2010. This international conference is organized to promote advanced construction management practices and create awareness among industry professionals about their efficacy. 

Dr. Syed M. Ahmed, Professsor and Chair from East Carolina University, North Carolina, USA, Dr. Salman Azhar, Associate Professor from Auburn University, Alabama, USA, and Dr. Attaullah Shah, Project Director from Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan, visited Asian Institute of Technology on 14th July 2011 to meet the faculty of the Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management Department as well as to meet the Director of ACECOMS and CEO of AIT Consulting, Dr. Naveed Anwar, to discuss preliminary issues about the conference and start with planning and organization. 

Previously, ICCDC mostly focused on construction practices in developing countries but this time it was desired by all the participants to bring representatives of the developed countries and those of developing countries to the same platform in order to exchange knowledge between the two extremes. Therefore, the theme of ICCDC-III is to generate a link between developing and developed countries for the transfer of knowledge related to the construction industry. Also it was determined that an MOU will be drafted to outline the roles and responsibilities of all the partners included in ICCDC-III and the other important issues related to the conference.