Sy^2 + Associates, one of the leading groups of Structural Engineers in the Philippines has awarded its fourth Structural Performance-Based Evaluation project for Acqua Private Residences Livingstone Tower to AIT Consulting.

The Livingstone Tower, similar to the first three towers (Niagara, Sutherland, Detifoss), is a reinforced concrete building supported by a pile foundation. The structural system of the building is a dual system, comprised of shear walls with a special moment-resisting frame.

The main objective of the evaluation is to determine the structural performance of the building and define whether the overall performance and reliability of the building under the effects of gravity and lateral loadings will satisfy public safety requirements.

Sy^2 + Associates, Inc. began engaging AITC to carry out the Structural Performance-Based Evaluations of the Acqua Private Residences in 2010. Acqua Livingstone, the newest tower set to rise at Acqua Private Residences is part of the six-tower master planned development on the 2.4-hectare property directly across Rockwell building and accessible via a new bridge over the Pasig River in Manila.