01 April 2017, Nepal

The Government of Nepal recently published the Design Catalogue for Reconstruction of Earthquake Resistant Houses Volume II developed by the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, Ministry of Urban Development. This publication is one of the Knowledge Products following the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) conducted in Nepal after the devastating Earthquake in 2015.

The Design Catalogue Volume II comprises of alternative construction materials and technologies to support urban and rural households in reconstruction of their houses. It consists of seventeen model designs based on twelve alternative materials and technologies not covered by Nepal National Building Code. The Catalogue includes architectural design, structural detailing and material estimate.

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) through Habitech Center has developed Interlock Brick Technology consists of specially designed unburnt bricks with tongue and groove features that allows bricks to interlock each other in masonry and thereby reduces mortar usage. Construction with interlocking brick is economical, quick, and environment friendly.

Habitech’s Interlock Brick Technology is one of the featured housing technology in the design catalogue along with the following: Confined Hollow Concrete Block Masonry; Hollow Concrete Block Masonry; Compressed Stabilized Earth Block Masonry; Random Rubble Masonry with GI Wire Containment; Bamboo and Stone Masonry Hybrid Structure; Rat Trap Bond Masonry; Earth Bag Masonry; Light Gauge Steel Structure; Steel Structure; Timber Structure; Debris block Masonry.

 The Design Catalogue is available at this link

Design Catalogue for Reconstruction of Earthquake Resistant Houses Vol II (1)_Page_012