The Department of Civil Engineering, De La Salle University-Manila in cooperation with the Association of CE Educators of the Philippines (ACEEP) hosted the ICCEE2012 – International Conference on Civil Engineering Education Conference 2012 with the theme “Addressing Global Challenges in Civil Engineering Education” on 9-10 November 2012.

The forum was held to establish a platform for Civil Engineering (CE) educators, researchers, practitioners, school administrators and students to exchange information, share lessons and discuss strategies on how civil engineering education can be improved to produce globally competitive and socially responsible professional civil engineers. Other objectives of the international conference were to inform and train CE educators about evolving pedagogies in engineering education; share lessons on initiatives and strategies of CE educators on innovative teaching and learning; identify various stakeholders that play a role in the improvement of CE education and to showcase student outputs and products demonstrating achievement of learning outcomes

ICCEE2012 was comprised of keynote sessions by distinguished speakers; parallel sessions on a variety of topics by presenters from academe, industry and government; a seminar/workshop on Outcomes-Based Education for young Civil Engineering instructors; a student research poster presentation, ICCEE 2012 Awards, Various Exhibits and the 10th National CE Education Congress.

One of the keynote speeches delivered during the forum entitled “Developing Interactive, Computer-based Learning Tools for Civil Engineering Students” focused on the interactive application for the computer-aided learning of civil engineering curriculum. This application was designed as a self-tutor program that coincides with the Civil Engineering curriculum that can run in parallel with theory classes. It also aims to provide an easier and friendly platform to learn and understand the basics of engineering. The paper was authored by Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director of AIT Consulting, Asian Institute of Technology Thailand, Prof. Ricardo P. Pama, President, University of the Cordilleras, Baguio City, Philippines and Prof. Jayanta Pathak, Professor, Civil Engineering, Assam Engineering College, India.