The first annual AIT Consulting staff planning retreat for 2011 took place January 14-15, 2011 in Nakhonnayok, Thailand. The main purpose of the retreat was to communicate the direction of AIT Consulting for 2011 to the 35 staff, intern and external resource people as well as to provide an opportunity for the team to contribute ideas regarding the organization and the business plan. A number of topics were discussed including the background and inception, organizational structure, employee handbook, project document system, document and presentation preparation, Information Technology (IT) support, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the corporate brand.

The results of this meeting were improved internal structure with key performance indicators identified and internal departments defined. A more organized IT system structure was consequently developed with systems put in place to manage and safeguard working files. Furthermore, all staff people were presented with document and presentation templates and guidelines in order to ensure consistent output.

Following the meetings, employees enjoyed an afternoon of activities including lunch at Royal Hill Resort & Golf Club, visit to Kanchon Dam, ATV ride and visit to Dreamworld.