“Inclusive and Sustainable Transport” was this year’s theme in the Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s transportation forum held on 6-8 November 2012. The most critical issues facing transport in the Asia Pacific region today was discussed and debated in the forum.  The forum program spanned the breadth of current issues in inclusive and sustainable transport including key sessions on urban transport, road safety, green freight and transport technologies, climate change resilience, mode choice, socially inclusive transport, road asset management, and cross-border transport.

The event brought together the world’s leading transport experts, representatives from various consulting organizations, key developing member country officials, and ADB transport experts. Various government representatives, consulting organizations, and donor agencies joined the forum making the event ideal for knowledge exchange in themes covering future trends in transportation development, and professional networking.

During the meeting, ADB, which supports member countries to develop Asia in building low-carbon, safe, accessible, and affordable transport systems, shared the leading aspects of their work in these areas. Participating in the forum was Engr. Samat Sukenaliev, Project Development Engineer, who represented AIT Consulting’s Executive Director.