The use of technology in architecture helps to achieve the impossible. Buildings and architecture in the 21st century are not only aesthetically appealing but present an interactive, sustainable, and intelligent characteristics in order to cope up with the ever-changing world.

One such technology that helps meet the growing challenges in modern architecture is the advancement of structural engineering technologies that bring unprecedented power and capability to the designers for greater creativity and insight into the structural response ensuring the safety of the building and the inhabitants.

This is one of the several important topics covered during the annual IAPEX 2015 (Architects Annual Convention and Building Material and Products Exhibition) held from 4-6 March 2015 at the Falatti’s Hotel Lahore, Pakistan.

 DSC_2560The event, carrying this year’s theme “archiTECHture – technology in architecture,” brought together a full house of architects, engineers, allied professionals, builders, faculty, students, exhibitors, building industry, and related field partners to exchange ideas and benefit from each other’s knowledge and expertise.

The program featured a three-day elaborate exhibition of architectural, building materials and products, professional workshops, forum with accomplished local and international speakers and the students jamboree workshop & symposium attended by architecture students and faculty from all the accredited architecture schools of Pakistan.

Topics presented in the event included: “Building Code and Built Environment: Role of Architect” by Ar. Syed Tariq Mahmood; “Exploring the Implementation of Seismic-resistant Technologies Through the Process of Owner Driven Reconstruction in Post 2005 Earthquake, Pakistan” by Ar. Nighat Khurshid; “Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation of Archaeological Works of Bibi Jiwandi Tomb Complex, Uch” by Mr. Sohail Kibria; “Smart Buildings Technologies, Challenges, and the Future” by Mr. Abrar Shaikh; “Smart Phones and Smart Architects” by Ar. Moyena Niazi; “Shaping the Future” by Eng. Attique Ahmed; “Structural Technologies for Meeting Architectural Challenges” by Dr. Naveed Anwar;  “Reality as Virtual Reality – Architecture and Society in 21st Century” by Ar. Waqar Aziz; “Visualizing Lived Time” by Ar. Hira Shakil and Amina El-Edroos.











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