The Green Technology Workshop 2014 was held on 28-29 August 2014 at the Asian Institute of Technology Conference Center to provide a platform for both public and private sectors in the field of buildings and manufacturing industry to discuss, interact, network, and discover innovations and best practices in policy and technology to achieve holistic success in sustainability efforts.


Participants who attended the workshop came from recognized organizations including Betagro Group, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd, Dinthong Corporation Co. Ltd, FSE Consultant Co. Ltd., SCG Building Materials Co. Ltd, Tawan Energy Co. Ltd, Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific. Limited seats were also provided to selected students from the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) and School of Engineering and Technology (SET), AIT.


The workshop was divided into four sessions: session 1 focused on Practicing Green Principles in Buildings and Manufacturing Industries; session 2 tackled the Green Management and Planning Principles for Buildings and Manufacturing; session 3 covered the Aspects of Designing Green Buildings and Manufacturing Industries; and session 4 was about Design for Sustainability. Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, Visiting Faculty, School of Environment, Resources and Development, AIT moderated the event.


Environmental management expert Dr. Prasad Modak, Executive President, Environmental Management Centre LLP and Director, Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation, India presented three topics: green evolution, how to adopt management systems in organizations, and design and manufacturing for sustainability.


Green building expert Dr. Atch Shresthaputra, Executive Committee, Thai Green Building Institute and Assistant Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand explained the emerging green process/system called the Building Information Modeling (BIM) that the building industry is now adopting to achieve holistic success in green design and construction.


Energy management expert Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty covered topics such as managing resources using integrated approach to energy and water conservation. He presented several case studies to provide participants with clear understanding on the importance and benefits of green practices.


Environmental Engineering Expert Prof. Chettiyappan Visvanathan, Dean, School of Environment, Resources and Development, AIT gave two presentations. The first presentation was on managing waste and emissions from manufacturing industries and building while the second focused on industrial symbiosis (eco-industrial cluster).


Prof. Sivannapan Kumar, VP for Academic Affairs, AIT, joined as one of the panel experts along with Dr. Modak, Prof. Visvanathan, Dr. Shresthaputra, in a session which focused discussing the policies and strategies to promote greening.


The workshop also featured two parallel field visits wherein participants were provided a choice between visiting either the Bangpa-In Industrial Estate or the Thai Health Promotion Office. In Bangpa-In Industrial Estate, participants learned the practical aspects covered previously specifically in managing wastewater and industrial emissions. In Thai Health Promotion Office, a LEED (Platinum) certified building, participants learned various bio-climactic design and green building features.


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Dr. Prasad Modak video


Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty video


Prof. Chettiyappan Visvanathan video


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Photos of the workshop