On 21 November 2013, Mr. Tobias Metzger, Director, Business Development, Southeast Asia, Fichtner Group and Mr. Christian Koopmann, Deputy International Activities at FWT, Fichtner’s subsidiary for water engineering, visited AIT Consulting (AITC) to discuss possible collaboration between the organizations. Fichtner Group is the biggest German independent engineering and consultancy enterprise that has about 1800 employees with offices in more than 50 countries worldwide. Their areas of activity are energy, environment, water & infrastructure, and consulting and IT; with range of services covering: analysis and conceptual design, engineering and contract award, implementation, operation, and business consultancy.


Fichtner expressed its interest to have a local partner beginning with establishing an official representative in Thailand and explored possible collaboration with AITC for the future projects in Thailand and the region. AITC is also keen to work with Fichtner and suggested that it will keep Fichtner informed of the related projects, which works the same for both parties. Among other areas, Fichtner is currently seeking staff for their projects in Afghanistan and are eager to determine whether AIT Alumni based in Afghanistan might be interested. Fichtner will be sending more information about these opportunities so AITC can support liaising and linking interested and qualified AIT alumni.