28 September 2017, Tokyo

A Technical Seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction and Infrastructure Development in Asian Region was organized by Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC) in collaboration with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on 26 September 2017 at Tokyo, Japan.

AIT Experts Prof. Pennung Warnitchai, Head of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and Dr. Naveed Anwar, Executive Director, AIT Solutions were invited to present during the seminar. Prof. Pennung talked about Key Issues of Disaster Risk Reduction while Dr. Naveed focused on the Bridge Infrastructure in the ASEAN and the South Asian Region – An Overview of Opportunities and Challenges.

Prof. Fumio Yamazaki, Professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University was also invited to share his expertise in Monitoring and Prediction of Earthquake Disasters in Japan. Prof. Mitsutaka Sugimoto, Professor Nagaoka University of Technology gave the summary of the seminar.

Speakers from EJEC included: Dr. Yuji Kotani, President; Dr. Ryoji Isoyama, Vice President;; Mr. Takehiro Nakatani Group Manager, Road & Structure Group Tokyo Branch; Mr. Nobuhisa Imanishi Project Manager, Road & Structure Group Department of Infrastructure, Tokyo Branch; Mr. Masashi Inoue, Chief Engineer, EJ Research Center for Disaster Mitigation; and Prof.

EJEC and AIT has been collaborating since 2014 through technical seminars and events in areas related to infrastructure development. EJEC also offers scholarship for student to pursue Master’s degree in Structural Engineering or the Disaster Preparedness Mitigation and Management (DPMM) program at AIT.

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