On 6-9 September 2013, the CSR Asia Center at AIT, in collaboration with the AIT School of Management will organize a four-day Executive-style course on Environmental Management and Climate Change at the AIT Hotel and Conference Center, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

The practical course will focus on business contributions to mitigating and adapting to climate change as well as approaches to developing comprehensive climate change strategies. The course will offer an overview of contemporary environmental challenges and business-related tools, management systems, and life-cycle based approaches for reducing operational impacts on the environment.

The course will help participants to understand the role and opportunities for businesses to engage with environmental issues, become aware of the various tools and approaches to corporate environmental management, and plan environmental management strategies for their own organizations.

Mr. Richard Welford, who will be the lead course trainer, is one of the founders and the chairman of CSR Asia. He has over twenty years of experience working in the fields of environmental management and social responsibility, and was one of the early pioneers in developing social audit and reporting methodologies with UK-based organizations such as The Body Shop, IBM, and Eastern Electricity. The course will also feature guest speakers such as Environmental management practitioners and representatives from multinational companies and development agencies.

For more information about course enrollment, please go to http://www.csr-asia.com/course-detail.php?id=95  or contact Ms. Clelia Daniel, CSR Asia Center at AIT , Tel: (+66) 85 254 9294 cdaniel@csr-asia.com. AIT Consulting partners and clients will receive a 20% discount on course enrollment.